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Welcome to Ebsary Towbars & Trailers
Ebsary Towbars & Trailers Bendigo

Ebsary Towbars & Trailers were established in 1963. We stock a large range of single axle trailers, dual axle tandem trailers camper trailers and motorbike trailers.

Our trailers range from light weight for the home handyman or heavy duty for the tradesman. We also stock a range of crates, trailer water tanks and accessories for your trailers.

Whether you are going to the tip, moving house, transporting cars & motorbikes or storing tradesmans tools, we have the trailer for you.

Ebsary Trailers and Towbars can repair your old trailers from tailgates to total rewiring.

Water Tanks and Storage - Ebsary Towbars & Trailers Bendigo

Ebsary has a range of quality rainwater tanks
trailer tanks, water drums/barrels and storage cubes that are available in a variety of sizes and colours.

Rainwater tanks are a great way to store the water you need for your gardens all year round.

Rainwater is free, so why not save money on your water bill and start catching rainwater now.

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